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scene girls less than 3
scene girls <3 means scene girls that are less than 3 in quantity
by jeromecaple December 06, 2008
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okay. Let's break this down. Because Im sick of people making fun of My friends and I.

usually has a "unique" hairstyle
She usually makes it very big/puffy
she may adorn it with a bow =]
or she may wear a bandana as a headband =]
She wears a lot of makeup around her eyes, which is usually eyeliner winged out into a cat eye style thats what I do]
she may wear sparkles on her eyes.
or she may wear a bright shadow.
She most definately loves Hello Kitty
She loves skinny jeans.
she lives for converse and vans.
Hot topic is her second home
she loves Jeffree Star, Audrey Kitching, and Hanna Beth
She hates the mainstream =P
she likes music that you dont know about.
she likes neon.
she is very pretty.
she likes electro music.
she has a myspace or some type of social networking site.
She has a lot of friends.
She goes to local shows.
attending battle of the bands every year is a MUST.
She is misunderstood by a lot of people who arent like her.
The younger girls 12-14] tone it down more than older girls example: they havent died their hair any unnatural colors or they dont wear as much eyeliner or eyemakeup.
She may or may not use bad language.
she is usually bubbly unless you piss her off.
She likes to be unique and is always trying to do something different than everyone else.
she probably uses words like "stellar" "maynnn" "gnarly"
"radd" and on the computer "oh emm gee"
she doesnt like you to copy her
she doesnt like posers.
she hates when people call her emo.
she gets excited when a scene queen talks to her
she lovvvvesss when she gets adds on myspace =D
she doesnt like when you judge her off her looks
so hey, do me a favor and
add me on myspace =D
thanks fer reading
Megan Monsterr: omfg. ur hair is the sexx.
Her friend: aweh. thanks ur so effin radd.
Preppies: Ohmahgawddd look at those scene girls <3 I do not get them. They look so weird. What do their mothers think of them?
by Megan Monsterr May 02, 2008

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