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1. A piece of media focused on a topic so awful, that only equally awful people of that grouping will buy it. Strangely enough, these are often best-sellers, and generally abhorrently overprice for their overall literature worth. Brought out by publishers in order to cash in the malaise of contemporary society. (e.g. Diary of a Chav, The Princess Diaries, John McCririck's Autobiography)

2. A catalogue featuring items that no-one in their right minds would buy, lest they are arrested by the Taste Police. (e.g. the Sci-Fi fanatic's catalogue)

Becca: "I see Diary of a Chav is being sold at £7.99 in Waterstone."
Lewis: "Yes, and that's just the cover art".
Becca: "What moron would want that sort of Scatalogue? Oh, right."


Warmy: "Did you see that 6-foot fibreglass C3P0 statue they were selling in that sci-fi scatalogue? Only £8,999!"
Richard: "I know, I bought 2, one for me, and one for my wife."
Warmy: "You don't have a wife."
Richard: "I'm aware of that."
by Alexander Reed-Lofts October 02, 2007
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