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To have dieted to the point of being unattractive, but ironically the dieter in question was only dieting to look MORE attractive.

To look like one has an eating disorder.

Beyond skinny-fat, this person is scared skinny, so as not to endure the pain of being labeled fat, lazy or repulsive, this person has went to extremes to reach an unattractively low weight that is neither healthy, sustainable or sexy in any way.
Example 1

DUDE #1: Did you see the chick that just walked by, she was hot!

DUDE #2: Are you kidding? She looked scared skinny.

DUDE #1: Oh that's right, you like your women bootylicious.

DUDE #2: And you like your women anorexic. Be a real man bro and learn how to handle a real woman!

Example 2

Award-winning playwright and author Mary Dimino claims to have been "Scared Skinny" in her New York International Fringe solo show and best selling book.
by PacePPR April 16, 2013
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