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The man is naked and erect, perched upon an elevated platform, such as a table, stool, or bed, while the nubile woman is face down on all fours on the ground, buttocks in the air. The man then leaps from his platform and attempts to penetrate the woman upon falling from his jump. If successful penetration is achieved, a Scandinavian Meat Missile has been performed. If penetration is not achieved, the erect penis will then be smashed against an uncomfortable surface, such as the floor or kneecap.
"Dude I messed up the Scandinavian Meat Missile last night, my dick hurts like crazy"

"Oh my God man I had the greatest Scandinavian Meat Missile last night. Hole in one"

Girl: I had the worst experience last night...something called a Scandinavian Meat Missile?...
Guy: Shut the fuck up bitch.. That shit's tight
#scandinavia #meat #missile #meat missile #rocket #dirty sanchez #tits #alligator fuckhouse
by Dr. Scrotum DDS November 04, 2009
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