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The Scandinavian Leatherstrap involves a numerous amount of action and motion and food. When with a partner, you take your dick and begin to rub huckleberry jam all over it. Your partner will then smear peanut butter around their anal area. After this step, both people will then proceed to shove a bottle of soy sauce up their ass. After you can no longer see the soy sauce, the man takes his dick and inserts it into his peanut butter butt partner. Following this action, both people will push the soy sauce out of their rectum and set the bottles on the table. Now, for the leatherstrap part. You take a small strand of leather, and tie the upper part of youre testes with it. You then tell your partner to dump both bottles of soy sauce to relieve the redness. after 30 minutes of the strap, you take the strand off, and wa la, Youve got yourself a Scandinavian Leatherstrap.
Oh my gosh Jesse Neale!!!!! you really gave your boy friend a Scandinavian Leatherstrap!!!!! Does your mother know about this?

by samuel white March 27, 2009

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