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The scale of awesomeness is a basic 0-10 scale, with as many as 3 decimal places (0.001). The highest ranking, and only perfect ten is Bugs Bunny. There are absolutely no exceptions to this. The scale does not refer to music in any way, except that musicians can be put on the scale according to thier non-musical awesome. The scale is not a perfect line, it is more of a curve. So 9.9 is actually many times farther from 10 as 9.8 is to 9.9.

10: Bugs Bunny
9.98: Chuck Norris
9.96: the Fonz
9.87: pirates, ninjas, lumberjacks, vikings, cavemen, etc.

It is recomended that due to the massive amount of awesome in existence, you should mark harshly, for example:
batman= 9.3, spiderman= 8.7, fantastic four= 4
alphonzo Jifalaphydog: "man, what do you think of Bill and Ted?"
Nasshole racer: "about 9.6 on the Scale of awesomeness"
by Spencer Crispin June 17, 2008
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