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(A.K.A. Code of Awesome, Code of Bro (not to be confused with Bro Code), Scale of Bro)
The point system used by Bros to define the awesomeness of a Second Bro to a Third Bro who has inquired as to the awesomeness of said Second Bro.
The Scale of Awesome:
1. "Aight"-said Bro can pass for Bro status, however only when half drunk and/or has just saved another Bro from a Breach of the Bro Code.
2. "Kinda Cool"-Bro is fun to hang out with on some level every other day, and can be considered a wingman on rare occasion.
3. "Cool"-Bro has passed required 3 assists in a fellow Bro's score of the night and can be hung out with for up to 3 days at once.
4. "Pretty Awesome"-Bro has saved a fellow Bro from disaster in the scoring area at least 5 times (although hopefully not the same Bro all five times, as this would result in a loss of that Bro's Bro Card for 48 hours after the saved 5th score); brings beer to parties without being forced.
5. "Really Cool"-Bro will give up a night of football on up to a 50 inch tv to assist another Bro in scoring if said score is a 7 or higher out of 10; can be hung out with for up to 5 days at a time.
6. "Awesome"-Bro will assist in a fellow Bro's score regardless of the rating of said score or what is on TV, (EXCEPTION: Super Bowl on 60 inch or larger television); has some musical talent on a relatively cool instrument (for example, electric or acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums).
7. "THE MAN"-Bro has never violated the Bro Code; will not hesitate to assist a fellow Bro in scoring no matter what said Bro ranks on this scale; can entertain a large bar full of unruly drunks with musical ability; can be hung out with for months at a time.
by Intrepid1 November 19, 2011
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