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A wealthy town full of rich white kids. It was named in '93 the nicest town in the US. It is also a Joak.
Sayville is a town of joaks.
by Jim Rugger October 26, 2005
Its the name of a great town. Many people hate sayville residents because they are jealous. Sayville even has there own song. Its called sayville state of mind! People have money and they like it that way. Small town full of great people!
so what town do you like in?
bayport...yes i know its ghetto. what about you?
your very lucky!
by Shaniquwa jonezzz October 06, 2010
A wealthy town with wealthy people that like to talk shit, and start shit. Sayville was named the nicest town in America in 93' but, that is very incorrect, it is more known for the sluts and skanks and most of all bitches.
PERSON 1- hey wanna go to sayville
PERSON 2- ohh you meann sluttville?
by trueeeeeee April 13, 2008
A place full of fatass, overprotective parents, shitty ass wangsters, and trailer trash hoes. Oh, and it's the Nicest Town in America, so go figure.
Guy 1: "Ugh, I just came back from the doctor. I got chlamydia from when I went to Sayville."

Guy 2: "Bummer"
by mini depinna November 16, 2010
Best place for cocaine and alcoholon Long Island
Gary Owen Pub was cocaine central Leo kelly and Vinnie pergola had lots of coke for sale in Sayville
by brian link September 15, 2012
A rich town, full of white kids. Many of them are bitches or dicks but there are a few people who are golden. Many adults in sayville think its the most amazing town ever, and most kids can't wait to get the hell out of here. We have an amazing football team and a pretty good music program. The summer is fun going to the beach, but there is rarely things to do.. its sort of boring here. There are way too many bullies and way too many who are unhappy. We need to stop being so materialistic and judgemental. No one should feel like highschool was the worst time of their life. It seems that every year the kids get meaner and meaner. We were once the "friendliest town in america" but now, not so much.
Person not from sayville: "Oh, Sayville was such a nice little town.. I loved it, I wish I lived there."
Person from sayville: "There's nothing to do here, everyone here is mean, and I can not wait to get out of Sayville."
by weneedchange March 24, 2012
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