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Similar to the Boy Racer but a step up from the nova these young men have decided to buy a citroen saxo (usually 1.1 litre). Usually bought by mommy or on finance. Once car is purchased they then slam as much plastic on the bodywork as possible 2 attract girls attention! Little do the girls kno no matta which model saxo it is its a slow car and their "hunk" has only bought it course its cheap 2 run and cheap 2 find lil stupid extras for it!
"Look at that lads car man thats fkin wiked innit" says girl waitin on the side ov the road 4 sum1 2 cum along.

"No way wot happened there" says girl wen shes in car and a REAL car goes flyin past the saxo!
by mi16 July 28, 2004

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