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Referring to anyone that names their child Sakura because it's a popular Japanese name; broadly a taunt toward those who wish to name their non-Japanese children Japanese names, because they like anime and manga.

It is also aimed toward the annoying argument on how to pronounce Sakura
'It's pronounced SAW-kur-ah/Sawkura'

'NO! You got it wrong, it's Sah-KUR-ah"
'No you're both wrong, it's Sah-Kur-AH"
~Random internet arguments everywhere

'OMG, when I have my daughter I'm going to name her Sakura, because it's the name of my favorite anime character and it's just so KAWAII'
~Random weeaboo

'Ugh. Unless you're Japanese, no. I would really hate to be the American, white kid with an unfitting Japanese name just because my parents had me at the age of 17 and liked anime' ~Aureliano @Behind the Name

White person named Sakura, SaWkura
by A. Butterfly February 09, 2013