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1. A place,(Lane)to insert your Sausage.
2. A bun, for a Sausage.
3. A vagina, for a Sausage.
4. A vagina, for a Penis. NOT Anus,
for a Penis, that's Hershey Highway.
5. A Street, (Lane) named Sausage,
Sausage Lane
6. A Lady or Gentleman named:
Lane Sausage; in reverse.
7. A Fictitious Bowling Alley.
8. A Lane that Sausages travel down.

1. Me: "Put them in Sausage Lane."

You: "What's that?"

Me: "The refrigerator, and the Cupboard
for the smoked ones."

2. "I need a 'Sausage Lane' for my Hot

3. Sister Mother Mary was caught with a
Sausage in Sausage Lane.

4. "Aw man, I needs ta gets me some
Sausage Lane real bad!

5. "...then turn right on Sausage Lane
and go about 1/4 mile..."

6. "Sausage, Private Sausage, Lane."

7. "...so come on down to 'Sausage Lane'
bowl a few frames, and get a bite to
eat this Friday night."

8. "...after the sausages are injected into casing they travel down, what we call 'Sausage Lane'."

by Hauling Handyman October 27, 2008