A moderately fast car when equipped with the 5-speed manual. Can easily take Civic Sis and the like with few bolt-on modifications. It can also hand a 5.0 Mustang's ass to it. Great used car buy, cheap to insure, and makes an excellent tuner (not ricer). Go for it!
My Saturn SC2 has beaten cars that you couldn't imagine.
by Katakuna October 15, 2008
Top Definition
Saturn SC2 (Sport Coupe, twin cam), not to be confused with the SC1 (Sport Coupe, single cam). The SC1 and SL1 (sedan) are SLOW, the SC2 and SL2 are FAST. Unforunately, most press cars were single cammers, so Saturn never got the reputation for performance they deserved.
The Saturn SC2 is an often overlooked and under rated Sport Coupe. The body is plastic, so it won't rust. A good used car buy!
by Car-roll Shelby December 22, 2006
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