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An all-day event, similar to Sunday Funday, but starting on Saturday Morning, involving heavy drinking and some "fun" day-time activities. Hence, Saturday Funday. Drinking begins in the morning, typically around 9:00 am and continues throughout the day, usually ending when you pass-out around 8:00 pm. Often involves a Mimosa or Bloody Mary in the morning, beers during the noon, and RedBull Vodkas in the PM.

Saturday Funday was coined by the boys from Rockham Palace in Hermosa Beach, CA to define a day of friends drinking, playing Beirut, FlipCup and Beach Volleyball. The term has extended all the way to Shanghai, China where it is has been witnessed at; F1, the Purple Mountain Pool Party, during Monkey Balls and at the Sakura Bowling Alley.
Everyone, Saturday Funday tomorrow! Sure, we'll be there at 9:00 am, ready to get our DRINK on!
by Side_ March 22, 2007
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