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A person who speaks about sex all the time and what and how they would do it. They seem to be a pervert because their conversations revolve around sex. Someone who doesn't get it much but once they get it often and tries many positions and styles becomes very satisfied in their sex life and no longer seems to act like a pervert and speaks of it as much.
Johnnie always talks about how he wanted get deep in her, but now that Johnnie is getting deep up in her, he no longer talks about it and seems to be a satisfied pervert.

Suzie wants to have Johnnie cum all over her face and chest. She always says, "I want him to cum in my eye" Johnnie fulfilled her request and Suzie seems to be a satisfied pervert.

Bobby thinks he wants to stick in the poop chute and always talks about peoples poopers, now that Bobby gave it to someone in the pooper he doesn't talk about it as much, he seems to be a satisfied pervert.
by Shifty Red January 16, 2012
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