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Colloquial reference to the anal cavity, especially in context with male homosexual intercourse. So named because many evangelicals feel that "homosex is sin." Popularized in the movie "Tropic Thunder"
Marty: I'm about to take a stroll down Satan's Alley with my butt buddy.
Phil: That's pretty gay.
#anal #buttsex #gay #homoerotic #pittsburgh
by Jeff Gar-thee-uh September 07, 2008
The greatest movie that was never made. Stars Kirk Lazaris and Tobey Maguire. Its about two priests who fall in love. But, since it is against the religion, Kirk's character is banished and forced to write scripture for 50 years.
X: Dude, whats your favorite movie?
Y: Satan's Alley
X: That doesnt exsist.
#ironman #spider #gay #homo #church
by p1fl February 28, 2009
Another slang term for the termination of ones lower intestinal tract. See also "Marmite Motorway" or "Hershey Highway". Directly connected to ones "Dark Star" (aka "Chocolate Starfish")
Looks like he's just taken a trip up Satan's Alley!
#arse #ass #bum #rectum #anus #intestines
by nelmar October 12, 2008
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