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-adj. sas·si·er, sas·si·est

1. Sassy Meaning Stylish; chic: a sassy little cheetah.
-Sassy can also mean saucy.


1. A long-legged, swift-running wild cat having tawny,
black-spotted fur.

Sassy Cheetah

-A Sassy Cheetah is a special kind of Cheetah. A Sassy
Cheetah has pink and black Cheetah Skin and is normally
found in old phone booths, which are commonly located in
cafeterias. Sassy Cheetahs normally read news papers and
take pride in their super secret layer. A Sassy Cheetah
must always be sneaky and must always be aware of those who
are watching and or laughing. Cheetahs are normally scared
away from their layer by a separated continuous bell,
implying three minutes until tardiness (which cheetahs
- Grace: Uhh, Bently let us out late.
Michelle: I hope there will be enough sassy cheetah time.

- Grace: Hey Michelle, Did you see that Cheetah?
Michelle: Yeah, it looked kinda sassy.
by GSMM March 30, 2007
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