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Writing any type of reminder to make yourself a cheat-sheet on your hand.

Especially useful for exams, tests, quizzes, speeches, talking in front of republican committees, speaking on fox news, or any other reminder that you needed.
Jonathan: Dude I have a test tomorrow that I haven't studied for.
Sweeta: Dumbass. You don't needa study.... Just make yourself a Sarah Palin cheat-sheet!

Sammy Wammy got an A on her test after using her Sarah Palin cheat-sheet.
by asswhole_with_a_dubya February 09, 2010
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A refrence point used by idiot fuck faces to remind themselves of obvious facts during public speaking events (such as dumb-ass conventions). Such a "sheet" is more likley to be one's hand than anything else. The "sheet" is meant to help one answer tricky questions such as "where is Canada on this map?" Without the Sarah Palin Cheat Sheet, Palin wouldn't be able to convice people of her ability to communicate.
Thumbalina: "I just dunno what' s'pek to say bout publiks Merica country Gov PREZ!" Trandaddy: "Seems to me that you need a Sarah Palin Cheat Sheet"
by WashingtonPost February 11, 2010
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