The first Grandma wanna-be ever to be nominated to a VP position. Believes creationism should be taught in schools. Foreign Policy Experience: Believes Russia is a New York term for telling your sister to hurry up.
Hobbies: Cougar
General: Voice similar to a yack getting fucked on top of an elephant turd
Woe!! Check out Sarah Palin! Now that's a Grandma I'd Like to Fuck!
by mattm4454 September 03, 2008
1. John McCain's running mate on the Republican Ticket for the 2008 United States Presidential Election.
2. A compulsive liar.
3. Someone grossly unqualified for a position they are seeking.
1. Sarah Palin: *answers phone* Hello?
John McCain: Is this Sarah Palin?
Sarah Palin: Yes.
John McCain: This is John McCain, I was...
Sarah Palin: Wait, who?
John McCain: I'm running for President...of your party? We met once last year?
Sarah Palin: Oh
2. Sarah Palin: I was for the Bridge to Nowhere, and earmarks, and Obama's energy policies, before I was against them.
3. ...
by Alex Will September 20, 2008
Sadistic cunt that knows no boundaries for unconscionable self-conduct. Sometimes possessed by the devil, has been known to sue to remove polar bears from the endangered species list to further her agenda to drill for oil, thus likely pushing them to extinction and contribute to environmental destruction and global warming. Also pays aerial hunters to chase wolves to exhaustion and then bring her their freshly severed front legs.
example 1) Whoa there! Are you pouring anti-freeze into that stream? Thats extremely bad for the environment. Are you trying to be the next Sarah Palin or something?

example 2) Laura, Dick, Lynn, Condi and I want to thank you, Sarah, for inviting us over to dine on these succulent human embryos served in the scooped out skulls of endangered snow leopards. After dinner, let's go shoot some guns and feed each other our feces.
by JGarrison September 06, 2008
a stuck up Alaskan whose husband was a democratic extremist until 2004. Palin is ultra religious and believes creationism should be taught in schools. a highly ignorant woman who, when asked about her iraqi exit plan, responded "I haven't given it much thought." Palin is radical, religious, and should be allowed nowhere near the white house or children. Palin's political views are thinner than the condoms she tries to ban. vote democratic in '08 and keep this extremist out of the white house
sarah palin is ignorant and religious and wants to neuter you to stop you from having premarital sex.
by contact 13 September 16, 2008
The governor of Alaska and the republican party's candidate for vice president of the United States, running mate of John McCain. Despite her emphasis on "family values" and "abstinence," Palin's own family life is actually pretty fucked up. She can't control her dumbslut daughter, is pro-life, must've been high when she named her children, supposedly covered up her daughters first pregnancy, and is under investigation for using her power to get her sister's ex-husband fired. In other words... if John McCain dies we're totally screwed.
All of these angry feminists will now presumably vote for the McCain ticket because Sarah Palin is a woman. And Palin is also a bloody Christfag, so all the evangelicals are excited about her despite her lack of a penis.
by anna cahal September 06, 2008
Absolute White Trash
Sarah Palin is Absolute White Trash
by AINDYT5 September 05, 2008
Completely clueless airhead bimbo who is supposedly the future of the Republicanazi party.
Sarah Palin done got er did Clem, and that's why McCain lost.
by Republicanazi December 10, 2008

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