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The principal that expertise on a certain subject can be gained through geographical proximity to it
Gov. of Alaska, Sarah Palin, is a proclaimed expert on foreign affairs with Russia due to Alaska`s proximity to Russia and can thus be called the "Sarah Palin Effect"
by Thejuicer September 06, 2008
The idea that individuals who are FEMALE and deemed "pretty" are selected for high level positions or prestigious awards based solely on the fact that they are FEMALE and "pretty". Why else was she picked as John McCain's running-mate?
wtf!!!! Katheryn Bigelow and The Hurt Locker won best director and picture?! it was a boring piece of shit movie seen by 5 people, all who are in a coma right now cuz their brains commited suicide after sitting through that lame shit! Well, yeah, it's the Sarah Palin Effect...the directer has a vag and is of course she would win!
by chocobarfeversohungryrightnow March 09, 2010
Delusional fear of a person that is grossly acted out but vehemently denied. The opposite of the Obama effect.
"I am not going in the ocean, and I am not afraid of it."

"Dude, lose the Sarah Palin Effect and stop shaking, swimming in the ocean is safer than driving a tractor."
by TMink July 08, 2009
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