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1. (The Suicidal Adults that Procrastinate with Murder). A group of parents that gather oftenly to discuss how to deal with their children on a day to day biases. Usually the conferences referance to the anger they keep from thier children, and how they relieve themselves from stress, without killing thier children. Usually the S.A.P.M. involves parents with teenagers, or between the ages 11-28.

2. A misspelled version of spam.

3. An inside joke.

1. "The S.A.P.M met this past Saturday to discuss why it is normal for teens to annoy their parents."

2. "Person #1:Sapmsapmsapmsapmsapm!!!!

Person #2: Sapm?

Person #3: SAPM!

Person #1: Sorry I meant to write spam."

3. ".... Sapm... TEEHEE!"
by Unicorns&Glitter November 27, 2011

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