a bitch ass nigga who uses too much gel
"yo that guy over there did her hair up santanello style- it looked like an elephant jacked off onto his har!"
by the covenant February 09, 2007
Top Definition
The word Santanello comes from the Dark Ages of Corsapia. The origins of the word are unknown, although, through recent achaeologic discoveries, we have derived a definition of the word.

Fact: During the dark times over two thousand years ago, many people would engage in rough physical and sexual acts to keep warm.

A "santanello" was the dirtiest, most digusting, explicit act to ever be conducted, known to man. People who engaged in "wild santanello sex" are still unknown. It may have been that peasent and criminals were given harsh santanellos as punishment, yet it is also possible that a santanello was a holy sexual act only to be conducted by those of royal decent. Another possibility is that Princes and Kings, or other exalted by the communities were chosen to give santanellos to crime offenders.

A santanello is the engagement of oral sexual intercourse with an elephant penis, using ones legs to stroke the elephant penis. As one is sucking and stroking the elephant, his human sex partner is humping his asshole while pulls on his hair. A third human stands over the "elephant-sucker" (known as elecant-sukori in Dark Corapsian) and frequently spits on the elephants penis to keep in lubricated. As he spits, he also shits on the elecant-sukori's face. After he has defecated on the elecant-sukori, the elephant ejaculates on top of the feces covered face. The elephant is brought away by the spectators, and the two human sex parters engage in a tribal dance on the elecant-sukori's feces and semen covered face. After this is done, the head of the elecant-sukori is shoved into the rectum of the elephant where he must stay for 3 full days. As he stay, in the elephants rectum, they are moved to the town or village square where all the emebers of the society may continue to anonymously engage in anal-sex with the elecant-sukori.
At the end of the 3-day period, ten members of the society are chosen to beat the elcant sukori with their erect penis until he has scars to remeber this act.
Stephen: "Yo, in acient civilizations class today, we learned about an ancient sexual tradition called santanellos, it was disgusting!"

Marcus: "I gave your mom a santanello last night bitch"
by Dujase Zgwazee February 09, 2007
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