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The unique sexual act that involves two men, a Magnum condom with one end cut off, and a LOT of lubricant.
Hey, let's be the first to do a Santa Fe sausage-roll!
by mannymal July 03, 2011
What happens when you combined the definition 4 of sausage roll (for F/M), and definition 1 of sausage rolling (for M/M), with all the outstanding features of santa fe, including chilli sauce (preferably made from trinidad scorpion butch t chillies, but anything past a naga jolokia pepper will suffice), mustard, shredded monterey jack cheese, and close body contact. Santa fe is translated "holy faith" and this manoeuvre is accompanied with an internal prayer that this will not result in third degree burns to your body, particularly your genital regions. Acceptable Foreplay is taken to be Definition 1 of Sausage roll. If (Muncirumsised /M uncirumsised) the act may stop here, or may continue as with the definition of body contact.

First coined by Robert Brockway of, when he declared he will do this for Donations of $10,000 or More.

A Santa Fe Sausage-roll, may not be an actual deviant act, however given a sausage roll, santa fe hotdog, santa fe salad, and a santa fe fiesta aren't family fun-time approved, it's probably it isn't so chaste either.

The maintaining of full eye-contact throughout the whole thing is an agreement "it's not gay if it's a dare", "it's not gay if it's for money", and "it's not gay if you're married". A further term of this unspoken agreement is that this isn't to be brought up with each-other's parents or mother-in-law if the relationship between you both ever goes further than this experience.
Robert Brockway: "You want to do the Santa Fe Sausage-roll? I'll do it, and I won't even cry. I'll look you right in the eye, the entire time." (upon receiving donations of $10,000 or more)
by Aimez-Moi July 04, 2011
The unique sexual act that involves two men, a Magnum condom with the tip cut off, and a LOT of lubricant.
There is no example because no one has done the Santa Fe Sausage Roll yet.
by mannymal July 02, 2011
- the most deviant and perverse sexual act known to man. For liability reasons, we are unable to provide a full definition. However, we can say that it involves lots of Texas Pete, one penis, and two men.
Hopefully Tom will get drunk enough to night to try and old Santa Fe Sausage Roll.
by Mr. Thor July 02, 2011
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