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A word created for the head of household that get's to have unmitigated, no holds barred sex with their partner due to the amount of cash, credit & various other resources drummed out during the holidays in order to make the family happy and/or content.

May or may not be applied directly to anal sex with the wife/girlfriend - no questions asked.
Wife: "Now that everyone is gone from Christmas dinner, did you have a good time? By the way thanks for that diamond tennis bracelet you bought me dear..."

Husband: "I'm tired, full, half drunk & horny. Time for Santa's Take!"

Wife: "What is Santa's Take?"

Husband: "Bend that rump over and I'll show you. I will be debt for the next 12 months because your kids only wear Ralph Lauren and wanted diamond nipple rings. Now it's Santa's turn... It's time for Santa's Take!"

Wife: "yes dear. (bends over somewhat willingly)

by WillyJK December 22, 2008
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