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“La Santa Muerte”, - Saint Death - is a kind of “divinity” created in México by narcotraffickers and illegal merchants. Saint Death is worshipped mostly by criminals, thugs, and drug dealers, but modern-day urban dwellers also invoke this saint for protection and the recovery of health, stolen items, or even kidnapped family members. Corrupt cops and politicians among Santa Muerte’s followers.
taxi driver: Santa Muerte is a saint like any other. She performs many miracles
by Rodrigo Castilla November 16, 2006
Also known in english as "Saint Death" or "Holy Death", Widely venerated in mexico for her miracles. She was NOT created by narcotraffickers nor by illegal merchants. Her origins are unknown. All types of people venerate her, not just criminals. She has been petitioned for many things; for a lost lover to come back, to kicking out all debt, and even asked for protection against any type of danger; whether spiritual or physical. Its true she even petitioned by evil doers, but so are other saints.
"La Santa Muerte is your own death. Anyone who fears her, fears their own death.
by angeluz July 10, 2014
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