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A mix of The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus played by Earl Pickles to impress his grandson, Nelson. The first use of the Santa Bunny was Easter of 2011. To make a Santa Bunny, you get a Santa suit and cover it with an Easter Bunny head. This always makes kids laugh and is the best of both worlds. Even kids who don't like either one alone will love the Santa Bunny.
Opal: Hey Nelson, I think the Santa Bunny is coming! After all, it is Easter/Christmas!

Nelson: Oh boy, I bet Grandpa Earl is playing it. Its so much fun when I see him in that.

Opal: Yeah, the Santa Bunny is cute. I think I see him now.

Earl: (hopping down the hall) Ho ho ho! Merry Easter/Christmas! I got your Easter basket for you. Have been a good boy this year?

Nelson: Yes! I have been a good boy. This is great! Santa and The Easter Bunny - all mixed up. This is the best character I know.

Opal: Yes, but you haven't seen nothing yet. Wait till you see the Chocolate Fairy. Wait till you lose your next tooth. It will be awesome!

Nelson: Nice! But I still prefer the Santa Bunny. He's such a cutie! He hopped on down the chimney tonight. (Sung to the tune of "Santa Baby")

Opal: Don't you love it? This is sweet. The generosity of Santa plus the sweetness of a rabbit. The Santa Bunny is so cool. Santa Bunnies rule!
by Dusty's Baby Powder July 22, 2011
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