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Pronounced as "San-Jeep-Ism"

A elongated response of a completely random nature that is structured as neither poetry or prose but rather more of insane indifference.
Person A: "Hey man, I think the tickets to the Mets game is sold out. I'm sorry, but maybe next time okay?"

and the sangeapism (response) for that would be:

Person B: "I remember how I got interested in the Mets.
Winters I used to run in Flushing Corona Meadows park, for the fresh air. When I got bored of just circling the lake at the south end and craved some mental stimulation I would wander the whole length of the park, passing Shea Stadium.

After a few trips I switched to city streets in winter. I got an analog-digital blue faced watch so that I wouldn't stop too long at stores. I used to pick a street and jog 10 miles, in one of 12 directions.
At a Run to Home Plate at Shea Stadium that icelandic trustee runner lent his watch to a race official, I didn't ask why. It wasn't a ten million dollar watch, just something digital.
Now Shea Stadium is gone, I don't know why."
by Mister Bronxilla August 13, 2010