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yes, I agree, a rather brilliant expression of the dislike of an arab, although I myself prefer 'Dune Coon pinkle' which carries strange authority.
Person 1: Hah! What a Sandy Sandersand McSand! Jolly Good!
Person 2: Ah yes, but are they not a Dune Coon pinkle?
Person 1: You are my god?!?

Words related to Sandy Sandersand

1. A name for a stinky Arab. -Less derrogatory than Towel Head or Camel Jockey but to the point and can be played off if offending someone back at the corporation.
That fucking Sandy Sandersand at the Chevron didn't give me all my change back. --Uh what, no I was looking for Sandy, you know Sandy Sanders --trail off into mumbling
by Johnny Cachinga May 23, 2003