When one is so snowed, they can not muster the strength to shake it off, or tries to shake the snow and can not. see snowed
really stoned kid (chad): Duuude, I can't move
other really stoned kid (timmy): Bro, we are both sanded,
by timmy mahtin November 01, 2006
Top Definition
1.When you are sanding down wood with other people and someone gets their hand sanded.
2. An insult; someone just dissed you.
3. Blanked
You've just been sanded!
You just got sanded!
HAaaaaah sanded!
by GazzaT December 05, 2006
When you're smashed out of your face.. Drunk!!
Sanded; when the hardened veneer of sobriety has been dismantled by copious amount of alcohol.
by Nero Hero May 14, 2016
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