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When someone tries to imitate "Gaara" from the Anime series "Naruto" by surrounding themselves in sand in a sandbox and killing themselves.
Codey "Code Red" Porter is was the name of a 10-year-old boy and amateur magician from the state of Washington. It is claimed in the media that the nickname was derived from his name (Codey) and the color of his hair (GINGAH). In fact, it was simply what his parents and close friends would scream whenever he picked up anything sharper than a wooden spoon.

In March of 2008, Codey attempted the dangerous "Sandbox Coffin", an act he saw on the shitty ninja anime Naruto. Porter accomplished the feat, but died soon after in a tragic hilarious turn of events. Naturally, Anonymous leapt to the scene with cruel jokes, lulzy shoops, and fake MySpace accounts. Thus, the death of this class-A Narutard brought much joy to the internet, and Codey Porter is now known as the s& hero.

"this example was founded on"
by eatmahbull October 13, 2008
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