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Half your age plus 5 is the mathematical equation that NFL QB's use to determine the creepiness of a dating relationship.
Take this example for the Sanchez Rule:

Person A: Is 24 years old.

Person B: is 17 years old.

24 / 2 = 12
12 + 5 = 17

This relationship is not creepy because person B's age is equal to 17.

Therefore date someone who's age is at least half your age plus 5 or you're creepy.
by go_to_division February 11, 2011
Sanchez rule.

Originates from the tv show Dirty Sanchez. A group of 3 welsh and 1 british stunt group who performed stunts way worse than their mtv counterparts Jackass.

Sanchez rule is when one of the group thinks up a stunt to do. Then they themselves must do it.
"You've got to, sanchez rule. Sanchez rule has always been the same. You think of it. You do it." Lee Dainton to Matthew Pritchard
by butters159 June 16, 2016
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