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An obscure Sri Lankan steak dish? Not quite.
"What did you have for dinner last night?"

"I had sanan it's a steak dish."
by sam lee December 07, 2004
4 14
An ancient Guatemalan god who represented fertility and sexual desire. Sanan was believed to be the most attractive being in existence and Guatemalan's would often sacrifice a rare Guatemalan Cane Rat in honour of Sanan before doing the deed... thus ensuring a healthy "mojo".
You are so good looking, we have a Sanan in our midst.
by Guatemalan Professor May 05, 2009
31 2
A penis resembling a stalk of celery; celery penis.
Leonardo has a huge sanan, just look at it in all its wonder!
by genghis mom December 07, 2004
8 15