A great city of 60,000 people in Orange County, California. San Clemente is the southernmost city in OC before the Camp Pedleton Marine Base. It is known for excellent beaches, perfect year-round weather, families, surfing, bomb food, and Spanish Architecture.

1). Trestles is a famous surf break, located in San Clemente. Also, mentioned by The Beach Boys.

2). Talega is a huge development of new homes built on the eastside of I-5. It is very expensive, and has some great golfing.

3). The wooden pier in SC is a staple for San Clemente's idealic Southern Californian beach culture.

4.) Most of the city is built on a slope and around canyons, which are abound in San Clemente.

Overall, San Clemente is an excellent city for families who want to enjoy a safe and clean beach environment.
San Clemente is a great place to grow up!
by skateNinvestNstocks June 16, 2007
Top Definition
A city in which most of Camp Pendleton's Marines hang out to get drunk and have sex. Most women in Orange County come down here to take advantage of these poor men.
Hey, we are going out to San Clemente tonight to have a few beers and meet a few broads.
by Wiener Wookie November 14, 2006
where a bunch of hot people live
San Clemente has hot people
by football8731 November 24, 2011
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