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Yeah, there is some learning here. Learning how to correctly roll a blunt with a page of your SDSU transcript. Once you realize you've woken up on too many crap-crusted toilets with other frat boys, gotten laid by one to many androgenous TJ hookers and forgot to go to enough classes to pass, then you notice you're still a freshman in what should be your graduating year, and still trying to cheat off a quiet mexican/asian/white hybrid student who is ashamed to be in class with the guy that smells like puke and Jamison and has a permanent boner from the first day of Fall 2001 semester. There are some cool creative writing classes though, and if you want, SDSU has lecture halls big enough to get head in the back from any number of quiet mail-order bride looking OC cuties who like whoring on Daddy's money.
SDSU, SD, Aztecs, San Diego State University, San Diego State
by Daniel SC September 15, 2006
alma mater of the following founders: Jack in the Box, Rubio's, Panda Express, and Wahoo's .. Graduates are destined to become fast food founders .. No wonder we suck at everything (FB: 1 bowl win, 4 losses) else except parties (playboy's party list '09 .. #3) ..
San Diego State University
by westgoeseast August 01, 2010
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