Japanese traduction: servant
Samurais were usually warriors mounted on horses and dueling each others with bows. During the history, samurai devoted their life and their honesty towards the Daimyos, great warlords. Samurais ended up adopting the sword, usually called Katana, rather than the arc. Samurais were following the bushido, the way of the warrior, their code of honor.
by Selim Tawfik May 15, 2003
A social class of people started in the latter 13th century who usually started training at dojos when they were eight or nine. After graduating from these dojos they usually joined the military ruled by the Shogunate or Shogunafter the Sengoku war when the Shogun became the supreme power more samurai came to the scene and joined the Shougnate however these samurai became dogs of the Shogun thus leading to small rebel groups trying to oppose the Shogun, but none were sucessful until the bakumatsu war began. Some samurai rebuked their title and became rurouni. Samurai disappeared after the Meji era. Today many manga artists over-glorify the samurai as cool, good-hearted people but in actuallity most samurai were cold-blooded killers
Samurai is also the name of a cool amusment park ride
by ananomyous July 23, 2005
Skilled in effort, tact and meditative states.
Samurai, you were the love of my life and you never came.
I loved you so much. Wanted to feel your arms around me every night. Kiss you softly every day. Look into your eyes and tell you I feel your everything to me and all I ever wanted in life, for the rest of my life. I miss bell's cold nose on my face and you kicking her off the bed. Fussing at you to be nice. now, all that is gone. You walked for another and left more than just me. Not one birthday. Not one effort to see us. You ran like a grunt away from the fire and threw it all at us. Not once did you come for us. I, for the longest time blamed my self for it all. Until I knew the truth about you. Samurai's are not cowards.
by UnotHebrokemy<3CnttrustU March 29, 2010
Exclamation used to express approval or awe. (New Norberian English)
Synonyms: "Outtasite!"; "Dyn-o-mite!"
"That's your new dirt bike?? SAM-U-RAI!!!"
by David January 07, 2005
A Elder juggalo that has been down sense day one
damn dude you see that crazy ass samurai
by Jester Da Juggalo January 20, 2009
Ancient Japanese warrior, usually sword-wielding.
"This is a samurai sword."
by Mad Walrus August 06, 2002
1. (noun) The noblest of the Superfriends. He has mystical wind powers for no reason yet works through adversity to overcome even the most fiendish of challenges.

2. (adj) A word describing something that was just too awesome to be described with anything else.
Wow man that triple sow cow backflip was horrendously samurai!
by Lukas Chamopski July 15, 2005
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