A guy in the highest part of the social chain, sat with the very best they can find, be they guys or girls. Samuel Crawfords are typically narcisisstic and self important, but will always do their best for the people they care about and are used as a means of confiding for a lot of people, many of them unaware of the depth of this field. Always attractive and armed with the sharpest wits, Samuel Crawford are confrontational alpha male types, that occasionally take the seat of a beta male when circumstance calls for it or they have plotted something. Masters of deception, lacking empathy and need to prove their worth can sometimes backfire on them, especially when others don't understand, but on the whole Samuel Crawfords are well respected and socially superior people.
See that guy Samuel Crawford? Every girl he shagged is absolutely stunning, god I wish I was him

Samuel Crawford gets everything I want, so I will talk about him behind his back and become a coward when asks to my face

That guy is obsessed with his image, obviously a Samuel Crawford
by TheGayGene101 November 20, 2011

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