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having the same expression in every picture you or someone else takes of you.
oh man, i just realized that I have a same face! Just like my dad!
#same #similar #alike #sameface #saymeface
by awesomepaulsome May 11, 2009
The medical condition affecting celebrities and the socially inept whereby ones facebook photos show are all the same angle and expression. There is no interaction between the person and other people, rather a fixed contrived expression, and an angle which is decided in advance to be the most flattering.
Saw that sameface Daniel Craig on a billboard this morning.
Blue Steel Ha ha! Well he looks like a ferret from any other angle. Paris Hilton is a bit of a sameface too, but that's because she markets herself as a two dimensional paperdoll. Dress me up!
#paperdoll #bluesteel #same-face #same face syndrome #sameface syndrome #sameface
by Lady Beefcake April 22, 2013
Originating from Stephen in Henley, sameface is a term for a downer, male or female, any race, even tigers (see down syndrome tiger) as they all seem to have the same face.
Person one: Did you see the sameface?

Person two: Which one they all look the same.
#down syndrome #downer #sameface #downs #trampgash
by Rudy St. Brewster January 06, 2009
Slang for a person that is quite brutally mentally inadequate. Originating from a joke popular amoungst many circles of people in the Johnson City area. The original joke was told in some version of the following exchange;

Person 1: "Did you see that sameface?"

Person 2: "Whats a 'sameface'?"

Person 1: "Ya'know how retards all make the same face!"

*The teller of the joke than proceeds to imitate the blissful gurgling and awkwardly mechanical gestures and expressions of the severly retarded*
Did you see all those slipknot fans tripping over their pants that were obviosly at least 17 sizes too big? HAHA! Fuckin samefaces!
#sameface #same face #retard #retarded #slow #dumb #challenged #idiot #metalhead #dumbass #stupid #slipknot fan #fucktard #dumbfuck #korn fan
by Kreiger_55 April 16, 2006
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