a person in a crew
Samba is in the CSC
by Thornton January 25, 2003
A set of scripts and graphical front-ends for UNIX platforms that allows communication and resource sharing in a Windows NT networking environment. Open source and pioneer of the SMB/CIF protocol, Samba has made UNIX/Windows integration a reallity.
"I just installed Samba 2.1 on my BSD Machine. Now I can print from my BSD tower to my XP machine's printer"
by Sgt.Bitterpants September 20, 2003
A Volkswagen Deluxe Microbus with the highest level or trim available. The production of the Samba started in 1951 and ended in 1967.
"My Samba is like a giant, metal loaf of bread......from Germany."
by Harry Lane Smith August 01, 2005
A person who is darker than pitch black
daaaaamn! look at that samba over there, looking like kunta kinte

tom. look at that boy over there he's soooo dark!!!!
bob. tom? i think we have a samba on our hands
tom. let's break out the fried chicken
by gangsta 13 July 02, 2011
A man with a very very large penis, bigger than a Nonda
That block has a Samba
by Matt Fryer November 17, 2007
Acronym. Stands for Sudden Acute Mud-Butt Attack. "Mudbutt" is a term for diarrhea made popular by Dave Chappelle on "The Chappelle Show".
"Man, that burrito gave me a SAMBA. I'll catch up with you later."
by WoeIsWe October 30, 2009
verb: Losing horribly in anything
Damn, you just got samba in basketball hardcore. Go hit the showers, loser.
by The Greatest Man from Youngstown September 13, 2005

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