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a chick who always has to be right even though shes gorgious wont ever agree with you but has ot be right because shes just fuckign amazing.
sam bam decided because it wasnt defined yet that it must be everything else but sam bam.
by <3 Finkles April 03, 2011
A SAMBAM is a badass chick. A SamBam may also go by SAm, Samantha, SAmakiss, Samikiss Hotkins, biskikutes, Or samBUbam. Someone who is a sambam must have a pretty smile, and must be fun to hang out with. She also must be a badass at hot lava monstor
THat girl sambam is a supreme badass
by Alsdssad January 02, 2008
A girl, almost always with the first name of 'Sam' or 'Samantha', who is usually an AsiaJew. Sambams are usually quite attractive and quite adorable, although they usually do not think so.
I love my Sambam. :3
by Iten Neseta January 31, 2005
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