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A student at Yale university. He is in the Duke's Men, an acapella group at Yale, as a tenor. Sam also records songs with his friend Kurt Schneider. Sam is best known for his Don't Stop Believing cover and Micheal Jackson Medley where several Sams preformed together on stage using splicing technology. They have many covers and medleys on Kurt's youtube page. They also have an album available on itunes that includes many of their popular songs. Sam Tsui is listed as a youtube sensation on Wikipedia.
Did you see Sam Tsui on youtube?
by auot May 18, 2010

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singer yale
the guy who mashed up songs by lady gaga, michael jackson and others. he's a current student from Yale and hits the best notes. he is an internet sensation, especially in youtube.
Sam Tsui just mashed up Lady Gaga.
by emsperalta March 06, 2010