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Another form of salt or salty.
Person 1: HAHAHA. I beat you at the race! Salt Truck!

Person 2: Damn I thought I would win.
by JESSSSSSIE H:) April 13, 2010
To feel stupid or idiotic after someone roasts you for doing or saying something dumb. The act of turning into a grain of salt as a result of doing something wrong.
Susan was fired from her job for being late so often.
by Hotbag July 20, 2011
The act of being incorrect in ironic fasion.
"Buhl im bout to kick this game winning feild goal"........the kick is blocked!...... "buhl, you a salt truck! haha"
by dat ace bulh January 31, 2010
One who ruins another's game, by throwing salt on it. Typically by those with negative game.
Dude, you're a fucking salt truck, you are killing my game.
by _-g-_ June 22, 2008
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