Salad fingers is a flash animation by the wonderful and disturbing mind of David Firth. Salad Fingers seems to be a man based on schitzophrenia patients with other mental problems as well. he sees the world as not really there due to his mental illness and seperation from what is going on.
it is true that you have to have a little bit of brain-power and the give-a-damn to see beyond the obvious picture, which in itself is stupid, pointless, disturbing. once you see the meaning behind it, it's a very insightful and artistic look into the mind of a mentally ill person. if you can gather the awesome strength of not mindlessly gazing at the pretty pictures and the groups of letters called 'words', it's easier to grasp the concept David Firth is laying out there. it's really sad, seeing as alot of people out there think the way Salad Fingers does...if you don't like it, fine, but the show brings up very true points about the world and its people.
idgit a: salad fingers is so dumb! he's icky!
nam: you don't have a psychologic bone in your body. go back to watching powerpuff girls; that's probably mindless enough for your mental capacity.
by Nammy September 24, 2007
Salad Fingers is a Flash animation created by David Firth in July of 2005. There are currently 7 episodes, titled 'Spoons', 'Friends', 'Nettles', 'Cage', 'Present', 'Shore Leave', and 'Cupboard'.

The series focuses on a creature (most likely a humanoid of some sort) by the name of Salad Fingers. He is tall, bald, pale-green skinned, but his most notable feature is his long fingers, which look a bit like salad leaves. SF is most likely schizophrenic, or maybe just high on drugs. The animations are normally very gory, disturbing, or somehow dirty, but still somewhat addicting to watch. Once you start to watch the animations, you'll find that Salad Fingers is actually a very polite and almost friendly person.
I don't like this game...

I like it when the red water comes out...

That fish smells about done.

-Salad Fingers

by BeatleLuver95 January 05, 2009
A green guy that gets a stiffy from touching rusty spoons
The feel is almost orgasmic

Quote Salad Fingers
by JakelovesVall October 25, 2010
Salad fingers is a flash "cartoon" created by internet famous cartoonist, David Firth. This disturbing animated series is classified as a surreal psychological horror genre. It is based on a mutated humanoid whom is called "Salad Fingers". The series has no deffinate meening, however most likely takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, which derives from a "Great War" which most likely was somewhat of a nuclear holocaust. Salad fingers is the main charecter, and is shown in 8 short episodes. He is shown to be phsycotic and mentally ill as he enjoys the feeling of rusty object, and many strange textures, and also enjoys the feeling of pain and blood, which he calls the "red water". He suffers from psychosis, so he cannot tell the difference between real people and unliving objects. Throghout this series salad fingers meets other mutated people. Including an armless "BBQ" worker, an odd eyed child, and in episode 5 a seemingly normal un mutated girl who is the only other person to speak english in the series (which as a result drives salad finger to momentarelly go crazy). A major component to this series is the eerie music made by the Boards of Canada. It is an overall very disturbing series, and shouldnt be viewed by every one.
"I like it when the red water comes out."
"The feeling of rust against my salad fingers is almost orgasmic"
"Im here to enquire about your spoons."
"Marjory stewart baxter, u taste like sunshin dust."
"Rojer, i shalnt have you bellowing these frequincies at this late hour, upsetting my insides."
by ExtrordinaryCatastrophe January 10, 2010
the creepiest cartoon series i have ever watched. it will haunt my dreams. the series has recently re-emerged, with part 9. it is the scariest of them all.
i love Salad Fingers' classic british vocabulary. it's genius.
by Chowderz May 30, 2011
A racial slur regarding Europeans and European stench.
Aww dude! Look at that salad finger! Repugnant.
by Srdty March 30, 2014
this is a cartoon about the insane and the battle for sanity if u watch his puppets are him well diffrent aspects of him.

Hubert CUmberdale: Him when he commits offel acts taste like soot and poo
Margery Steward Baxter: little girl he killed and ate notice he says u taste of Sunshine Dust, on the oven there is a sun he cooked the girl and ate her, well hubert cumberdale did his split personality
Fisher: is him the normal him fighting the great battle for sanity
Rusty Spoon: the anker to sanity when he has the spoon he is normal
Facuets: water wash's the filth and bad thoughts away
Number 22: canablistic Number
ill post more later on there is alot of messages in the films u need to be mentaly ill to find them all. if u have any questions or comments e-mail me at

Salad Fingers Margery Steward Baxter: you taste of sunshine Dust
Hubert Cumberdale: you taste of soot and poo
Fisher: i thought u were fighting the great war"Battle 4sanity"
Salad Fingers: Margery Steward Baxter: you taste of sunshine Dust
Hubert Cumberdale: you taste of soot and poo
Fisher: i thought u were fighting the great war"Battle 4sanity"
by XxGerMxX July 03, 2006
Salad Fingers is one of the creepiest and most disturbing video series on the internet to date, having attracted many viewers anyway. Many theories exist about the setting of Salad Fingers (mental illness, drugs, etc.), but the most plausible one seems to be a post-apocalyptic post-war era wasteland (look up Salad Finger Conspiracy for the whole theory). Salad Fingers is a masochist, finding pleasure from pain. He likes rusty nails and friends, and keeps his house clean. The series is very gory, but its strange nature has attracted millions of viewers who continue to watch these weird, weird videos.
"Dude, did you watch those Salad Fingers videos?"

"Yeah man, now I can't stop having nightmares."
by EpicMamo July 01, 2013

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