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Massive Orgy of Violence, Drugs, Guns and awesomeness

that is Saints Row the Third (SRT)
"Hey Johnny, Why aren't you playing Skyrim?"

"Ah, finished it I'm into Saints Row the Third now cos I'm not a RPG Slave"
by Sanchez994 December 27, 2011
Released on November 15th of 2011. Is the third installment to the Saints Row series. It's overall score is 8.5/10.

It's an amazing game to play; you will be mind blown. And that's okay.
I do enjoy the Saints Row series (i love it more than GTA), however The Third was a bit of a disappointment to me. The number one thing that bothered me in this game was the storyline. It was not long enough or as amazing enough. Another thing that bothered me was the customization. The second one allowed players to actually pick the outfit (undershirt, over shirt, socks, etc.). Car customization options have also been lost.

However, I still love this game, even with its faults, because that's what love is all about, my friends.
Saints Row the Third makes me happy . (:
by crashinglikewedo December 27, 2011
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