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An extremely good looking male who bears (what some men consider a gift) the curse of entrancing sexiness. He, without any effort, will make ANY woman fall in love with him. Whether the woman be a straight, lesbian, transgender, a crossdresser, or a man who desperatly longs for womanly parts, she (or he) will fall in love with the suave composure of a Sai. Beware when around this individual. You will lose your girlfriend/wife, sister, mother, aunt and even your grandmother. Sex is a Sai's greatest weapon even though he unknowingly wields it.
Damn he is a fucking Sai.

He just Sai'd my wife.
by SexySumo August 31, 2010
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A Naruto Shippuuden character.
Has no feelings at all.
Looks kindda gay but is not.
Draws & makes those drawings come to life & battle.
A replacement of Sasuke.
Is an Anbu in the division Root.
Loves to do fake smiles (the only expression he knows).
Sai is so hot! He got nice abs!!
by Ms. Fluffy Butt March 31, 2008
Also known as Eloisa, is a female that has looks beyond comprehension. Some people defines her as a princes, some as an angel, but for someone as his everything. A very enchanted person that inspires all that is around her - a perfect example of a modern woman.
Sai is the best thing that ever happened to me.
Sai! I love you very much!
by yellow bird spoon February 08, 2009
Short for a computer painting software called "Paint tool Sai" or "Easy Paint tool Sai". It is known for also being simple to use for those learning how to draw on the computer.
"SAI is MS Paint and PS if they had sex."

guy1: "What program do you use for your drawings?"
guy2: "I use SAI."
by TTM123654789 January 23, 2012
An agent of Pure AWESOMENESS
Person 1: WOAH, who is that guy? He is ssoo AWESOME

Person 2: Only 1 explanation.... He is a SAI
by CONFIDENTAL September 29, 2012
Colloquial, in other countries- A lover who has to court in secret, generally female, due to social factors
He and his Sai had no choice but to make passioante love behind the bushes in Cubbon Park
by SuperAwesomeBob June 12, 2011
vulgar, colloquial- An illicit lover
Oh he's got a wife but he's boning a Sai on the side
by SuperAwesomeBob June 12, 2011

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