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the name of the hottest girl in the world
Man shes soo hot, too bad shes not as hot as Sahar
by Samar February 15, 2004
Not only the hottest, but also the funniest and most smart girl.
"Dude that girl's hot."

--You have zero chance, that's Sahar man @__@
by Rebelagainstthe"man" April 03, 2007
cool, amazing, the act of being chill, The most amazing friend in the world who is always there for you no matter how far away she may be hiding. very crazy and scary in the morning when you wake her up, but chill after she eats breakfast. she always knows how to help with your problems even if she doesnt know how to break up with her freakish clingy boyfriend. she's an awesome person who you can depend on and i love her with all my heart.
oh, your so sahar!
The best girl in the whole damn world! (at times) is a handful and can be extremely difficult and bipolar, but so worth it in the end. Extremely sweet and hella cute, hilarious, also sexy af......
Damn she fine....
Because it's Sahar
by Prince of all princes November 19, 2014
Desi girl, completely awesome, likes to read, you may THINK you're somewhat close to being this awesome, but in that case, you need a psychologist, because you're NOT. so, if your parents made the mistake of trying to name you SAHAR and you're even an awesome desi, then you can just go stuff yourself inside someone's locker and DIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 okay? OKAY? YOU ARE NOT THIS AWESOME.
The alien was so cool, that we decided to call her a Sahar.

or, "OMG! look, that is SUCH a total sahar"
by Feathertail March 31, 2010
A Sahar is a very sexy lady that is very fashionable. However, if you get close to a Sahar you get to see the other side... Sahar's don't hold back secrets and are willing to share anything like when they're on their period which may cringe you out. Also, they are very bipolar and can turn aggressive very quickly. You have been warned!
"That went from 0 - 100 real quick!"
"Yeah just like a Sahar!"
by Ali_Gee May 09, 2015
eternal virgin
That man will never have sex. He's a real sahar!
by websters-finest May 30, 2016
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