worst curse you can get
It starts off with your mom, she starts to just love everything brown, EVERYTHING. then next thing you know your shirt just smells like curry, you try everything to get rid of it but it over powers everything, even man power, it moves onto your pants, your hair, YOUR HAND! every summer you start getting browner and browner, thats sahami's way of getting you in. after you are fully under the influence of sahami curry, you will fall asleep and dream of sahami and his caterpillars on his face... when you wake up you will see him and he will have a bag of curry and he will throw it at you and you will die, this is a warning, beware of sahami . . .
dude, erika died from the Sahami Curse
how do you know
they found her body with a bag of curry on it
by sahamicurse January 24, 2011

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