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A sadist is a person who gain pleasure from seeing others undergo pain and discomfort.
A sadist is a person expressing callous, vicious, manipulative, and degrading behaviour towards other people.
by Mr. Rob June 23, 2013
A person who enjoys seeing/ causing others' pain, suffering and humiliation; usually getting sexual pleasure from doing so.
Being a sadist, she became excited seeing the man in bloody pain
by Squishy024 June 28, 2013
One whom gains pleasure in anothers enjoyment of pain or humiliation.

An act of love
Smell the glove. A women on all 4's with a collar and a leash. With a glove shoved in her face by the Sadist
by SmknChub February 06, 2009
Somone who recives pleasure from inflicting pain onto others.

sadist pain sexual physical mental
-You know my new girlfriend?!
-Shes a Sadist!!!
by Goddish January 04, 2008
A person that feels a sense of pleasure, either sexual or non-sexual, by causing either physical or emotional pain to others.
Personally, I do it cause I can and I like it.
Person 1- Look, my new hamster.
Sadist- Mate, that's not a hamster, it's a piece of flufffy poo.
I can't believe you wasted good money on that piece of crap.
Person 1- You're such a sadistic prick.

Person 1- Aah man, My arm seriously hurts.
Sadist- Really?
Person 1- Yeah, I just smashed it off of the door frame.
Sadist- So does it hurt if I do this? *hits his arm*
Person 1- Ow, yes it does.
Sadist- Yeah I thought it would.
Person 1- You sadistic bastard.
by A-Person. August 22, 2009
my ex
"Sorry about the accident."

"What the accident?"

"Oh, you were born that way."

"No my girlfriend's a saidst, you jerk."
by not available October 22, 2003