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means 'inside-i-pop'..like a guy bustin a nut in a girls mouth.. SADAPOP
by elbow March 31, 2003

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A Blowjob with soda in the mouth.
"Inside I Pop."
"See Ya Later, Sada Pop."
by DJ Whoo Kid November 20, 2004
Er....Where's the punchline, AYB? Although yeah, sodapop does mean soda and pop.
I get high on Jolt sodapop caffeine.
by Beavis March 31, 2003
Soda or pop. This word is used to help people understand that both are the same thing.
Customer: I would like a medium soda.
Server: Wha?
Customer: I SAID, Iwould like a fucking soda! What part of that don't you fucking understand?
Server: Oh, do you mean soda?
Customer: I don't want no goddamn water! I said I want a fucking Coca Cola!
Server: Then you need a sodapop then.
Customer: Whatever. Just get me my fucking soda already!
by AYB March 31, 2003