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I . When a male is engaging in an act of vigorous masterbation and is ready to induce a romantic explosion. However, the contents of the scene in the pornographic film unexpectedly switches to less desirable content after the masterbater has already committed to purging gametes. The resulting effect is the masterbater attempting to cease the ejaculation but experiences a low force expulsion of seminal fluid.

II . When a male is participating in sexual courtship with a female that is ravenously performing either oral pleasure, an eych-jay, or intercourse in an overly zealous manner causing the male to lose control of his mojo. The male tries to stop the sensation but is too late resulting in a low force expulsion of seminal fluid.

No orgasm is experienced during a sad volcano . . .

I . Ya this one time I was watchin' a random video I found and it seemed legit so I took a gamble and committed before fast forwarding and then the scene switched to a zoom-in of some random guy beating off in the background. . . I tried to stop but it was a sad volcano.

II . Dasheekee was givin' me an eych-jay and then just stuck it in while we were watchin' Legend of the Hidden Temple on Nickelodeon but it felt too bomb so I told her to stop moving but it was too late . . . sad volcano.
by October 19, 2012
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