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A Term which derives from utter frustration at both the intended recipient and the overusage of the term "dickhead". Usually this word is best executed in a slow , timley and controlled manner which leaves the recipent reeling at the effort that went into insulting them.
Tosser: "i think what you trying to say is............"

Bond: "No thats not it at all....sackface, ....listen in future"
by Gitane007 February 04, 2010
A person who has a scrotum hanging from their face.
"Hmmmm a sackface..."
by Buddy J June 14, 2003
To look like a male scrotom, to have rinkles and hair in the wrong places on your face
Hey sack face your acting like a caleb nuemister
by johnson and johnson October 23, 2006
Having a face that resembles a scrotum.
ie; Harry Redknapp is a sackface
by thecremster May 16, 2007
Someone who appears to have a ballsack on their face.
Malenfant is such a sackface.
by kvyollel March 12, 2007
someone who cant keep thier face off nut sacks.
"every time i see michael he has nuts on his chin..." yeah hes such a sack face"
by dirt April 09, 2003