Usually an odd person who smells their own feet. they only eat bugs and dirt and and cough through their nose. little kids often fear it is under their bed and cry. sabreens smell like a donkeys butt. if you ever meet them at some and scream for your life as if your life depened on it and throw pebbles at them because they are very weak.
mom: ohh, i need that sabreen back again.
friend: do you really want your daughter around it?
mom: no, but it gets rid of the bugs in my garden.
by yoyoyo123456789 January 15, 2010
Top Definition
A unique woman, usually sensual in nature. Unlike other more common Sabrina or Sabrines. It is highly likely that Sabreens hate Sabrinas and Sabrines because of common mispronunciations and spellings. Synonymous with sensuality and passion.
Damn her name is Sabrina, but I much prefer Sabreen.

Yo, that Sabreen is a sexy muthafucka!
by sensuals February 03, 2010
A Sabreen is just one of those people you wont be able to find in many places. A very unique person, with a great personality,sense of humor and cannot live without music in her life. A Sabreen is a truly loyal person, will always have your back, and is super trustworthy once you get to know her. You can trust a Sabreen with your life, because she wont ever tell anyone your secrets, even if her life depends on it. Bottom line; A Sabreen is totally worth getting to know. You wont regret it. She gets attached easily though, so you better take care of a Sabreen, because once you turn your back on her, don't expect her to take you back much/as easily.
"There goes Sabrina"
"Its Sabreen not Sabrina. She hates it when she gets her name misspelled 172817634726483274 times."
by Musikisme September 14, 2011
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